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02/20/13 08:12 PM #1    

Wade Baughn

Welcome to the Tulsa Memorial High School Class Of 1983 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/21/13 07:27 PM #2    


Brenda Walton ((Puckett))

The countdown is on Chargers of '83!! Only 59 DAYS until the reunion weekend and we need to hear from you! Want to reunite with all of your old Charger friends? Don't miss out--the party is set and there are five simple steps to get in on the action:
1. VISIT the Class website:
2. CREATE a profile (even if you do not plan on attending the reunion--we want to hear from you and find out what you have been up to!)
3. REGISTER for the reunion under the 30 year Reunion tab to the left side of home page--creating a profile does NOT mean you are registered for the event.
4. PAY for the reunion via Pay Pal at the bottom of the 30 year Reunion info page (yes, you can use a credit card)
5. Check out the Missing Classmates tab and forward to all of your '83 Charger friends who are MIA!

As we are sure you will understand, we are responsible for giving Five Oaks Lodge a total head count very soon--please help us by signing up as soon as possible and help us spread the word!

05/26/13 10:52 AM #3    


Brenda Walton ((Puckett))

All Charger 1983 reunion attendees:  would you be interested in sponsoring some extra "fun" on Saturday night of reunion weekend?  In an effort to keep the reunion ticket price lower and reasonable, we have made a list of extras that are available for any classmates to donate, sponsor, gift or whatever!  If you or your business would like to partake and would like to be acknowledged for your sponsorship, we have opportunities for signage, etc--just let me know if that sounds interesting.  Here are some of the items available--just message me privately and I will get you the info!

1.  Cigar Box mobile humidor on site - sponsored by Saxon Moore? and Lisa
2.  Tulsa Deco Wine tasting from Girourd Vines - sponsored by Brenda Walton Puckett
3.  Party Pic photographer - still available ($150/hour with two hour min)
4.  Favors or decorations - still available (price to be determined)
5.  Addl frozen drink machines - we have a couple already, but can always use more ($160)
6.  Extra beer/keg - still available ($250)
7.  Photo booth ($500 for four hours)

Send us any other ideas and message me if you would like to take on anything from this list to add to the fun!

06/01/13 05:06 PM #4    


Brenda Walton ((Puckett))

Attention 30 year reunion attendees!  Some important info for you--please read immediately:

1.  The deadline to pay for the reunion is June 7th!!  You can pay with a credit card thru the website OR you can mail us a check.  Please visit the website and click on 30-year reunion for the details.
2.  If you plan to attend the reunion, but can not/do not want to pay by the deadline, YOU MUST let me know by the June 7th deadline.  We must have an accurate head count for the food at Five Oaks and we certainly don't want to run out!!  And PS:  the price increases to $70 after June 7th.
3.  Send me your favorite Charger memory photos!  We are putting together the slideshow and need to get your pics in order.  My email address is
4.  The Friday night all-class gathering at Blue Rose Cafe is going to present a parking challenge.  So, we have hired a shuttle/valet service.  I will post this reminder several times between now and then, but please spread the word.  The service will be free to Chargers (you can tip the drivers) and will run from 6pm-10pm.  
5.  We are still welcoming anyone that would like to "sponsor/donate" a few of the extra fun items that I posted last week.  Items include:  Party Pic photog ($300); extra frozen drink machines ($160); extra keg $250); Party favors $TBA.  Let me know if you or your business are interested.

21 days away!!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

06/17/13 11:03 AM #5    

Gregg Glasser

I just heard from Dana Cardwell Eddy that Jenks is having their class 77 , 78 & 79 reunion at the Blue Rose Cafe also. Is that going to be ok? I've never been there.

06/17/13 12:55 PM #6    

Justin Hoose


We are at Blue Rose not Blue Moon.

06/17/13 02:59 PM #7    

Gregg Glasser

Typo. Sorry.  Never been there. I've been gone since '88

06/20/13 01:30 PM #8    

Leslie Reneau ((Sullivan))

No Greg, you are right, just wrong name of bar. Jenks is having their reunion at Blue Rosr on Friday night-3years 77, 78, and 79. 

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